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About Us

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About Us

Our Mission

First Crop™ is a new kind of company. We think differently about the world and our place in it. We live on a planet with finite resources and traditional approaches to business no longer serve the majority. The way we are living now is simply not sustainable

First Crop™ is a public benefit company, dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people and planet. We believe the cultivation of industrial hemp by small and midsized farms can be a key catalyst to economic and environmental renewal.. Read more

Our Team

Our talented team of extraordinary individuals have come together to share their gifts and passion to bring our regenerative mission to life. Meet our First Crop™ family. Read more

Our Farmers


At First Crop™, we create regenerative partnerships with farmers and empower them every step of the way. We foster financial inclusion through a respectful partnership model, based on shared purpose, commitment, profit sharing, transparency, and high-quality standards and practices.

We provide our farmer partners with seeds that offer the highest quality genetics. We share collaborative expertise in soil health and wellness, guidance on soil amendments, and best cultivation practices. Read More

Our Foundation

The First Crop™ Community Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting First Crop’s™ mission of Healing People and Planet one seed…one soul…one regenerative act at a time. This is collective empowerment, and we invite you to join us. To honor and drive our mission, First Crop™ donates five percent of its profits each year to support social, economic and environmental regeneration. Read More

Regenerative Business Practices

At First Crop™, we have been inspired by a set of guiding principles developed by Capital Institute that influence human and environmental health and our business model is regenerative from soil to shelf to soul. Current business practices focus on taking, but we are focused on giving back. Our business model is based on the regenerative principles of financial inclusion, empowered participation, resource sharing and honoring those with whom we work. That is why we share 10% of our profits with our partner farmers and their communities through an innovative profit-sharing program and grants made through the First Crop™ Community Foundation. Read more

A Collective Call to Action

We see images every day that break our hearts: famine, poverty, factory farms and environmental degradation. Instead of looking away, we need to find regenerative solutions together. This decay was created one act at a time. And all these things can be healed…one regenerative act at a time. We stand together at a historic time of possibility. We’re committed—together—to growing a healthy and hopeful vision for our future. We are cultivating this future with the regenerative power of a single, humble, miraculous plant. Read More

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