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How does hemp help the planet?

  /  How does hemp help the planet?

How does hemp help the planet?

Hemp pulls carbon, a greenhouse gas, out of the air and puts it back into the soil where it belongs. Hemp regenerates the soil, protecting it against erosion, cleansing toxins and adding nutrients. Its long tap root allows it to access nutrients in the sub-soil that other plants cannot reach. It returns them to shallower soil, where the next crop will absorb them. Hemp also removes toxins from the ground, through a process called phytoremediation, whereby certain toxins or metals in the soil are accumulated in the biomass of the plant and taken out of the ground. It can make non-organic unhealthy soil vibrant and organic by removing toxic pesticides, sprays and fertilizers, and revitalizing the damaged soil that was harmed by traditional farming practices, such as crop tillage and synthetic fertilizers. Hemp uses little water, is a natural weed suppressant and can be used to remake and reduce the carbon footprint of many popular products we use every day. Hemp plastic, hemp biofuel, hemp textiles, hemp paper and hempcrete (hemp concrete) are only a few of the ways hemp can be used as a truly environmentally mindful option for the growth and sustainability of our world.

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