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First Crop Invites Americans to Plant Their Future with Hemp


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First Crop Invites Americans to Plant Their Future with Hemp

Public benefit company co-founded by Michael “Mr. Hemp” Bowman aims to strengthen rural communities and save the planet with regenerative hemp farming campaign

SANTA FE (June 25, 2019)— First Crop, a public benefit company dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people and the planet through the regenerative power of hemp, today launched a new consumer-focused campaign designed to create a meaningful impact on our world through regenerative farming and business practices. With the overuse of chemical fertilizer and herbicides now depleting the nutrients in our soil and negatively impacting available water resources, First Crop is encouraging people everywhere to support the regenerative cultivation of industrial hemp as a crucial step towards improving the health of our environment and its people. The Seed the Revolution campaign seeks to educate consumers about the benefits of hemp for both people and the planet. Both the campaign and the company itself are guided by company co-founder, Michael “Mr. Hemp” Bowman—founding chair of the National Hemp Association and author of the 2014 Farm Bill Amendment, Section 7606, which legalized the cultivation of hemp in the U.S. for the first time since 1933.

Hemp is a naturally regenerative plant and the ultimate healing catalyst, with a unique ability to remove pollutants from the soil and take carbon out of the air and store it back into the earth. The Seed the Revolution campaign encourages consumers to boldly put a stake in the ground and plant their own future with hemp—as well as their own first crop—alongside First Crop. Hoping to inspire people across America to support the cultivation of hemp and the use of environmentally friendly hemp products, First Crop aims to mobilize community members to take one regenerative action at a time and do what they can to contribute to the hemp revolution in the U.S. Ultimately, the campaign was created to inspire consumers to join First Crop’s overall efforts to strengthen rural communities by empowering small and mid-sized farmers to grow and integrate this important crop into their cultivation activities.

“First Crop is fiercely committed to helping reclaim hemp’s place in America, and we are really putting the power to invest in a better future into everyone’s hands—whether you’re a business owner, a caring mom, or even grandparent looking to improve the environment for future generations,” said Dave Weir, CEO of First Crop. “The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has federally legalized the growing, harvesting and commercialization of industrial hemp, and provides a rare opportunity for us all to help our local farmers while simultaneously healing our country’s farmland.”

With contributions starting at just $25, participants will have the chance to Seed the Revolution and join the campaign (hosted on Indiegogo). Rewards will include First Crop CBD healing and personal care products such as CBD tinctures and body lotions, Seed the Revolution t-shirts and unique items like tickets to the inaugural First Crop Hemp Harvest Festival. Backers will also receive periodic newsletters and video updates on their first crop. First Crop is proud to have worked with notable producer Tayloe Emery, known for his work with Bono during his AIDS relief efforts in Africa, for the creation of its campaign video.

As a fully integrated hemp business, First Crop leverages Bowman’s wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to empower rural farmers to succeed, providing them with unique economic opportunities while recirculating a significant share of its profits to support them, their communities and the land on which they rely. From seed and site selection to planting, growing and harvesting, the company ensures that each farmer’s crop is not only successful but also optimized for its ultimate use in First Crop’s CBD health and wellness consumer products.

According to Weir, First Crop subsidizes hemp farming inputs to lower the upfront costs for farmers, shares 5 percent of profits with its farming partners and donates 10 percent of profits to the First Crop Foundation, which will make charitable grants to local community organizations to support critical social and environmental programs.

Currently in its inaugural year, the company supports farmers with 150+ acres of hemp under cultivation in Colorado and New Mexico and is working with its farming partners and community leaders to revitalize the local economies there.

“Our ‘soil to soul’ regenerative hemp ecosystem is a truly collaborative effort that empowers farmers at every step to grow and integrate this miracle crop into their cultivation activities,” adds Bowman.

To learn more and contribute to the growth of the first crop, click here.

About First Crop

First Crop is a public benefit company dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people and the planet through the regenerative power of hemp. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, First Crop was founded as a public benefit corporation by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with a vision to create a lasting legacy that strengthens local communities and improves the health of the planet for future generations via hemp and CBD products. Their collective work was inspired by the hemp legalization advocacy efforts of co-founder Michael “Mr. Hemp” Bowman, founding chair of the National Hemp Association and co-author of the 2014 Farm Bill. To learn more about First Crop, visit www.FirstCrop.com, or check it out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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