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Certificate of Analysis

Find Your Certificate of Analysis

Each First Crop™ product is individually tested by a third-party lab to ensure that it meets all legal requirements, is free from contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides, contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and meets the highest quality standards. First Crop™ honors this plant through every step of cultivation, processing and production.

Certificate of Analysis

Our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for our products provide evidence of our commitment to quality and transparency.

Where to find your certificate of analysis number

There are two ways to find specific information about your product. On the bottom of each of our product boxes or jars is a number. Type that number in the form above and it will pull up information about that exact product.

The other way is to look for the QR code on all of our products that looks like this:

Transparency and purity are our goal. We invite you on your smart phone, to open the camera app and simply point at the QR code. You do not need to take a picture. The app will read the code and take you directly to our product page. From there, you can learn more about our product and in the “Rooted in Promise Section” you may search by lot number for specific Certificate of Analysis that pertain to your product.

How to view certificate of analysis without lot number

You can review the certifcate of analysis for all the products using the following link:
View All Certificate of Analysis

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