Relief & Vitality

Relief & Vitality

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Recover with Relief.

For the active person, allow your body to experience rapid recovery with RELIEF. Our 1000mg Therapeutic Balm and 1500mg Gel Caps empower your body to heal naturally with our USDA Certified Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and active botanicals. Welcome relief on both a topical and cellular level.

1000mg Therapeutic Balm & 1500mg | 60ct Gel Caps

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RELIEF Therapeutic Balm

Certified Organic

With 1000mg of CBD from our USDA Certified Organic full-spectrum hemp extract and carefully selective active botanicals, our therapeutic balm is rooted in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. Soothe and revive painful muscles and joints.*

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Soothe the body and soul. With the quick absorption of a tincture, our gel caps are easy to swallow and leave no aftertaste. Our certified-organic, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD works with the body’s own cannabinoid receptors to boost the immune system, counter the effects of stress and support a healthy inflammation response.

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