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Summer has Arrived at First Crop


Greetings from First Crop Cultivation! Summer is officially here with the Solstice on June 20, 2020, and that means exciting updates as our farmers and this season are really kicking into full swing.  Hemp starts are soon to be in the ground, or already planted, and the long days provide abundant sunshine necessary for this early season growth.  This is a regenerative cycle of nature that is always the same, regardless of external events. At the same time, this year is obviously much different from the point of view of we humans, with the Coronavirus impacting our entire world. Yet, farming once again is bringing new life and hope as it has for millennia, regardless of the impact we are all feeling and experiencing from the virus.

Gearing Up for a Second Crop

At First Crop, our farmers continue to share an enthusiasm and excitement for the coming season. After finalizing this year’s Agreements, I am so pleased to convey that every one of the intrepid ‘pioneers’ that bravely raised CBD hemp for us last year wants to participate again this year! This is very unique in the U.S., as many first-year hemp farmers had a bad experience last year. We understand many of them have decided to not raise hemp again this year, given that most of the extreme risks with farming hemp will fall completely on their shoulders. It is not uncommon in agriculture for individual farmers to bear most, if not all, of the production risk. It’s been that way for a long time, but we’re working to change that. Thus, we will continue again this year to help our farmers succeed and offer them the most protection we can as a regenerative-based hemp company. 

Planning and Preparing for Uncertainty

Markets are uncertain with the virus, and an oversupply of hemp biomass from the 2019 crop, so we are carefully managing the number of acres we contract for 2020. We do not want to produce more than we need, given price risk, but we need to grow enough high-quality certified organic hemp to continue to support our growth projections for our consumer-branded retail CBD products launching at this time! It’s a fine balance to manage, and we are doing just that from our CEO all the way through our entire company and each department here at First Crop. 

Helping Improve Soil Health

We are also moving more into supporting small farms by helping to improve the health and productivity of their land. Beyond the amazing regenerative potential of this plant, one of the ways we do this is by encouraging them to become certified organic. All our farmer partners already follow these strict protocols, but it is a process that further validates production quality and integrity. Our farmers fully understand the importance of this quality certification. They know it helps to differentiate their own hemp production and receive a premium price over non-certified organic hemp.

First Crop is truly a unique company. We are so fortunate to have such a remarkable supply chain of dedicated farmer partners supporting the ‘roots and soil’ of our company and helping us on our regenerative mission!

David Hill, 

Co-Founder; Regenerative Agriculture & Education, First Crop

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