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Why Certified-Organic Matters

At First Crop, we believe everything matters.

We recognize that each decision has a cause and effect relationship with our planet, and through conscious decision making and collective action we can achieve regenerative change… together. Our intention is to be transparent in our practices and impactful in our decision making throughout our supply chain.

Our products are rooted in regenerative systems. We carefully partner with our farmers to ensure compliance with organic standards and collaborate to achieve bountiful, organic harvests. The hemp grown with our partners is USDA-certified organic and is the foundation for all of our products. Our hemp is non-GMO and we never use synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. After harvest, we bring our hemp to our own USDA-certified organic extraction facility in Center, CO which utilizes sustainable CO2 extraction.

We then pair our USDA-certified organic hemp extract with other consciously sourced, certified organic ingredients when possible to uphold our promise. Our dedication to our supply chain allows for most of our products to carry the USDA-certified organic stamp on our packaging, a distinction that makes us justifiably proud. At times, a certified organic option for a functional ingredient may not be available, and so we source from respected, like-minded partners to bring forth the highest quality products. We also see this as an opportunity to improve and are continuously working with our partners to discover or create a certified organic alternative. We all can learn, we all can improve, and we believe we must do this together. We invite you to take part in our regenerative mission.

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